Tux in the Zoo


   The quest for adventure and the desire to have a friend leads Tux to the most amazing place on the earth, the zoo. But, life on his own isn’t easy. He has to beg for scraps of food at the zoo restaurant, find shelter from bad weather, and overcome how scary the world can seem at times. Are the animal friends he makes enough to help the little puppy brave the big world, or will he need a special human friend to give him a good home?


   Published by Maclaren-Cochrane Publishing in dyslexic font.


     Too Cute to Spook

     Like every other monster, Lorry wants to scare kids, but unlike the other monsters he doesn’t look scary at all. 

     No matter how much time he spends in the puddles or how many worms he eats, Lorry is still too cute to spook anyone. After all his attempts to terrify the kids fail, desperate and ashamed Lorry comes upon the oldest monsters alive. He expects to be ridiculed for his cuteness by them, but gets an unexpected reaction and finds a peculiar way to fulfill his desire to be scary.