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Too Cute to Spook cover

The empowering story of a little monster with a big problem.


Everyone knows that a monster's favorite thing is to scare kids. Lorry is no exception. He wants to be the scariest monster of all. 

Lorry wants to follow in the steps of his famous ancestors: his dreadful great-grandfather, Scabby Moldbody, who was known for making kids scream the loudest, and his gruesome great-grandmother, Henrietta Fang, who was responsible for more nightmares than any other monster.

There is only one small problem, Lorry is cute, and kids aren't afraid of cute little monsters. Being a different monster makes Lorry sad and ashamed. Unable to fit in, he learns how to stand out. 
The story of Lorry encourages kids to love who they really are, and to find, and cherish their uniqueness.

Too Cute to Spook

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"This is a book to be savored over and over again. In short, Too Cute to Spook is simply too cute to resist!" Readers' Favorite

“Aleksandrova presents a picture-book fantasy about a monster who discovers the power in being unique... A fun monster tale that’s well-suited to its young audience.” Kirkus Reviews

"With a good lesson about learning to make the most of your natural talents, and not just confirming to what is expected, kids will love this cute book." Kinsman Bookworm Gang

"Children will fall in love with Lorry. The story is told in a clever way that encourages children to find happiness in who they are, but the most satisfying part comes at the end when Lorry shows children how to conquer their fear of monsters. Brilliant bonus!" Amazon reviewer

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