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Getting lost is scary. Getting lost on a thunderous rainy day, chased by a giant mean dog and almost ran over by a huge monstrous truck is terrifying. Meet Tux, a curious little puppy who is endlessly looking for adventures. His longing for a friend gets him lost in the big dangerous world. Desperate to find his way back home, scared and hungry he reaches the gates of the zoo. The smell of something delicious brings him inside where he makes friends with all kinds of animals. But life on his own isn’t easy. He has to beg for scraps of food at the zoo restaurant, find shelter from bad weather, and overcome how scary the world can seem at times. Are the animal friends he makes enough to help Tux brave the big world, or will he need a special human friend to give him a good home?

Tux in the Zoo

$17.99 Regular Price
$12.99Sale Price
  • Hard Cover  

    84 pages

    Published by MCP

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