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How do you survive an encounter with a gang of rowdy dinosaurs?

Mr. Smith, who believes dinosaurs are long extinct, unravels a million years old egg without noticing. A little dinosaur follows him home, terrifies his cat, and rampages his house. Mr. Smith goes to sleep thinking his cat is next to him, only to wake up next to a dinosaur the following day. 
The man follows the weird creature up the mountain, where he has to fight for his life. Flown by twin dinosaurs, and almost killed by a poisonous one, Mr. Smith manages to escape with the help of his two new friends - Timo and Tara.

"Double Dino Trouble by Diana Aleksandrova is a quick and engaging book for young readers who will certainly enjoy the imagination and thought put into this hilarious story. Highly recommended." Bruce Arrington, Readers' Favorite ★★★★★




Double Dino Trouble

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