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What are the benefits of reading? Why should kids read?

Here are some of the numerous positive benefits of reading on kids. This list is in no way comprehensive. There are many more benefits of reading, but I will start with the most obvious ones.

★ Reading helps kids develop their cognitive powers and improve their reasoning and intelligence, allowing them to accomplish more in life.

★ Reading develops kids' imagination and creative thinking, which improves problem-solving abilities.

★ Reading expands kids' world beyond their immediate surroundings. It gives them experiences that they are not able to undergo in person. Expose them to different cultures, places, obstacles, and characters. The variety opens up their horizons.

★ Reading teaches kids values. The easiest way to learn is while having fun. Kids learn best by example. Give children someone they admire, and they will follow their example.

★ Reading improves vocabulary and the ability to express oneself. That helps communication, and let's be honest, leads to better test scores.

★ Reading cultivates empathy and emotional intelligence. Give kids characters they relate to, and they will feel with them. Give them ones they like, and they will cheer for them. Give them a villain, and they will learn what is wrong and what is right.

★ Reading sparks curiosity and opens up kids' minds to all possibilities, which in turn is how inventors and discoverers are shaped — reading moves humanity ahead!

Reading is awesome!


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